JK Education Agency, having continuously operated in the market for 11 years, annually organizes the JK Education EXPO, a fair featuring international high schools. In this ninth edition of the event, you'll meet representatives from dozens of high schools from the USA, Canada and Europe. We regularly connect with these foreign schools to ensure their quality meets the demands of our clients. At this year's October fair, you'll have the opportunity to consult with our experts about your prospective study abroad plans. We'll help you choose a school and guide you through the entire application process.
JK Education EXPO is an excellent opportunity to personally meet school representatives and obtain crucial firsthand information. There, you'll find what you need to clarify your school choice and gain insights into the various aspects of studying abroad. Our partner schools offer high-quality academic programs, supporting your academic, athletic or artistic goals. Each year, our fairs are visited by hundreds of families and students considering studying abroad. Be among them and register.

Our Director of College Counseling Michaela, an expert in studying at foreign universities, will also be present at this year's high school fair. While universities won't have a physical presence, your attendance will help you quickly establish contact with their admission teams, with our support throughout the process. We'll assist you in selecting a school based on your preferences, guide you through necessary documentation, manage communication with schools and much more.

Stop by our booth, where Michaela will introduce individual universities every hour.

Lectures start at 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm, and 5 pm.

What to expect? 



At JK Education EXPO, you'll primarily engage with school representatives who oversee new student admissions. This direct interaction allows you to understand how things work at each school.



Don't worry about language barriers. Our team will be present at every fair, aiding with translation and addressing any study-abroad-related queries you might have.


 Schools have limited spots for students. As interest among our students grows, available spots diminish throughout the year. Since our fairs are held in October, you'll have ample time to secure your spot at a school and, with our assistance, prepare thoroughly for the entire application process and necessary documentation.
With over 11 years of experience in facilitating study abroad, we have a wealth of expertise in this field. We carefully select our partner schools, many of which have collaborated with us for several years, to meet our clients' expectations.

How to find JK Education EXPO? 

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October 21, 1 pm - 6 pm, American Academy in Brno

Meet representatives from international high schools on October 21,1 pm - 6 pm, at the American Academy in Brno. If you're using public transport, the school is conveniently located near the Náměstí Svobody and Šilingrovo náměstí stops.

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At JK Education EXPO 2023, you'll meet representatives from dozens of high schools in the USA, Canada and Europe. These schools offer personalized approaches, the practical application of skills during studies and the opportunity to tailor your academic program to your own interests and goals. Are you seeking a school that aligns with your artistic, athletic or academic ambitions?

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