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October 20th in Prague, October 21st in Brno, October 22nd in Bratislava

We open doors for you to study around the world

Studying abroad is an opportunity to experience new places, meet classmates from all over the world and gain experience and practical skills. At JK Education, we'll make sure that all this becomes a reality for you. We are a leading education agency with years of experience helping to arrange study at quality secondary boarding schools and universities, primarily in the USA, but also in Canada, the UK, Switzerland and Australia. We also specialize in securing partial academic or athletic scholarships, both in high schools and universities abroad. 

Students as Individuals

We carefully consult with all our students about their needs in order to help them find a school that is perfectly tailored to their specific goals and interests.


Comprehensive services

As part of our service packages, we guide students all the way from choosing a school, through the admissions and visa process, to helping with documents and arranging flights, and we stay in touch during their studies.


Partnerships with quality schools

We have excellent relationships with the schools where our students study. We visit them regularly and the information gathered from these relationships and visits allows us to vouch for them with the utmost confidence.


At JK Education, our goal is not only to provide students with quality education but to help them choose the school that best fits their goals, interests and ambitions. To achieve this, we have partnered with dozens of secondary boarding schools and universities around the world. Take a look at our range of partner schools.


At JK Education EXPO 2023, you'll meet representatives from dozens of high schools in the USA, Canada and Europe. These schools offer personalized approaches, the practical application of skills during studies and the opportunity to tailor your academic program to your own interests and goals. Are you seeking a school that aligns with your artistic, athletic or academic ambitions?

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